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4712 W Waco Drive
Waco, TX, 76710


Natural Landscape

D'ann Bourne

Natural Landscape

D'ann Bourne_Natural Landscape_Poured Acylic on Panel_9.5x11_400.jpg
D'ann Bourne_Natural Landscape_Poured Acylic on Panel_9.5x11_400.jpg

Natural Landscape


Poured Acrylic on Panel

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Originally hailing from Waco, D'Ann Bourne spent her formative years in Redding, California and she has recently returned to the Central Texas area. The subject of her creative expression is abstract and collage art. She has a natural ability to visually communicate through the use of color, texture, and abstract forms.

D'Ann's art has received several awards from juried national art exhibitions. Her work has been exhibited from one end of the country to another, including Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington state and Ohio. D'Ann is a member of the international Society of Experiemental Artists, an Associate Member of the Society of Layerists in Multimedia, and the National Collage Society.  "Abstract collage art gives me the opportunity to interrupt my structured daily environment and enter into a quiet place filled with color, texture, and paper. I design and project an abstract concept by using the combined surface and density of the selected paper and application of color. My inspiration comes from familiar surroundings and, at times, a childhood memory. I choose only a few variations of color and paper when beginning a collage. As the art begins to reveal a subtle pattern, I focus on the process and on my emotional connection to the image. I am exploring the use of various experimental techniques; those that will successfully preserve the message and the story offered by the art."